After browsing through our website information or contacting us to clarify any specific point, you can follow the Steps for Enrollment. An Enrollment Application form can be downloaded from Resources to speed up the process, or you can use the online Pre-Application form available here. All Student Services will be with you whenever necessary to guide through this process.


1. Fill out the Enrollment Application sent by email from ITS – USA’ Student Services, sign and scan it.

2. Send the Enrollment Application to info attached with all the necessary documents, or you can send them by mail. The documents are: Passport or I.D. Diplomas Transcript Passport type picture – for the student ID For possible credits with Life Experience (Bachelor Program only): Resume Certifications in the same area of the program If applicable, please included minister credentials and a letter from your head leader attesting your pastoral experience for the past five years, at least.

3. ITS – USA will verify the Enrollment Application and the documents enclosed/ attached, and eventually contact you for additional information as required.

4. If everything goes well with this process the next step is to pay the required fees: Application & Processing, Technology, and one monthly tuition related to the desired program. You can use credit card, check, deposit/ wire transfer or PayPal, according to your option in the Enrollment Application.

5. In case that a deeper analysis is required on your credit transfer or Life Experience, you will be informed of any necessary adjustments to be made. After you being approved, you will be registered and the Welcome Kit sent to you, including the Student Manual and the Enrollment Agreement.

6. Upon the receipt of the Enrollment Agreement signed by you (Student Data, Tution and Fees, Payment Schedule), your enrollment will be effective and you will receive your Student ID Card by mail, with the other information by e-mail, then you will be ready to start your classes.