“Rescue of Christian moral and intellectual values through an education associated with Christian culture and traditions”.

The University, in line with its teaching, research and extension functions and inspired in the principles and purposes of education, its mission is:

Generate and disseminate knowledge to society obeying the principle of inseparability between research, teaching and extension, with quality.

The University’s Vision is to be an organization that stands out for its actions in favor of life, human beings and a society founded on ethical values. The University projects itself in the future in the search for an identity that will mark its trajectory.
This path must be guided by ethical principles of conduct and commitment to the development of the country.

The main values of the University are:

to promote the human being, as the creator of society;

valuing all university segments, respecting individuality and investing in their training and qualification;

encourage democratic management and ensure the functioning of deliberative collegiate bodies, in which segments of the academic community participate;

ensure ethics in relations between university segments;

encourage the provision of specialized services to the community, establishing a reciprocal relationship with them;

promote the dissemination of cultural, scientific and technical knowledge, communicating knowledge through teaching, research and extension activities;

optimize the use of available material, technological, financial and human resources; and

make the methods and criteria more flexible, in view of the individual differences of the students and the peculiarities of the region.