We clearly have the objective of teaching Higher Education, stimulating research in all fields of science and, through cultural extension, providing services to the community.

The University also aims to promote the study, research, teaching and dissemination of Sciences, through the development of critical spirit and reflective thinking; contribute to the training of professionals and specialists in the different areas of knowledge, enabling them to quickly enter the professional sectors and participate in the development of Brazilian society; encourage research and investigation work, aiming at the development of science and the creation and diffusion of culture, thus developing the understanding of man and the environment.

To encourage the permanent service of cultural and professional improvement and enabling the corresponding implementation, through the integration of the knowledge that is being acquired, in an intellectual structure systematizing the knowledge of each generation.

Stimulate knowledge of the problems of the present world, in particular national and regional ones, as well as providing specialized services to communities and establishing a reciprocal relationship with them; adopt norms and regulations based on democratic principles, not allowing, within the scope of its activities, campaigns or isolated acts in disagreement with such principles, even if they are of a purely philosophical character.

Promote accessibility and inclusion of people from all social segments, especially those with disabilities; contribute to the dissemination of education throughout the country and provide students with conditions and means for comprehensive education.