Since 1999, UNIVERSIDAD CRISTIANA Y CIENCIAS DEL MERCOSUR embarked on a Journey of Transformation world-wide. Being one of the Universities in the United States, UCCIMER – PY launched 18 years ago, a careful, and well thought out program to internationalize business, career and education. In a very simple way, internationalization means to build a bridge between people, families companies cities and even nation. It is to bring your personal and professional life to a whole new level of performance and exposure to a global community.

Of course, it takes strategic planning, funding, effort and focus, but most of all, it takes a new mindset in order to “think big” and “out of the box”. For years we have been receiving hundreds of testimonials from business owners, coaches and trainers to ministers, teachers and leaders in general how their life in all senses changed after being to one of our seminars.


  • Empowerment through solid knowledge transmitted by our international faculty and guest speakers;

  • Inspiring all of our participants to develop a global mindset;

  • Equip with the latest and updated information in all the field related to our seminars;

  • Develop and enlarge personal and professional networks;

  • Offer a calibrating moment to reevaluate our personal and professional visions.