Teach. Dr. Marcos Palácio

Bel – Law, Theology, Psychoanalysis and Administration
M.Sc. Engineering, Dr. Psychoanalysis

Votuporanga – São Paulo BR

Teach. M.Sc. Alfredo Lima

Bel – Administration and Theology
M.Sc. in Education

Bissau/Guiné – Western Africa

Theach. Claudio Martins

Bel –  Theology

Manassas – Virginia USA

Theach. Muhammad Suhaib

Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science in computer Science, Master of Engineering Tokyo-Japan

Pakistan – Karachi, Pak

Theach. Sheema Suhaib

Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Arts in Women and Gender Studies, Master of Business Administration

Pakistan – Karachi, Pak

Dr. Zubair Ahmed Soomro

MD – Doctor of Medicine
Osh State University Kyrgystan – USSR Russia

Pakistan – Karachi, Pak

Engr. Sana Naz

Bachelor of Science (Computer Science/Telecommunication)
Hamdard University Karachi

Pakistan – Karachi, Pak