Florida Assembly of God University, FATEC and Hour Future Houpe YFC – Youth from Guinea Bissau Para Cristo, with the Internationalization project duly implemented

In 2016, the Florida Assembly of God University’s Internationalization process with FATEC, was implemented in conjunction and partnership with Hour Future Houpe YFC – Youth of Guinea Bissau Para Cristo – Guinea Bissau – Africa.

These partnerships enabled the Florida Assembly of God University and FATEC to offer conditions for the teaching offer to reach the African continent and also the possibility of exchanges with the American University.
The Florida Assembly of God University and FATEC Internationalization process aims to:
Educational cooperation, aiming at the search for positive aspects of relations between countries, contributing to economic and social development, qualification of labor and promotion of values ??such as tolerance and respect for cultural diversity, guided by the search for results , in the economic, political and cultural dimensions.
In May 2021, we are already reaping the fruits, delivering the first Diploma to the academic DAVIDE ASSALA GOMES, from Guinea Bissau West Africa.