Physical geography emphasis literacy


The Master’s Program in Geography, has as a concentration area Geography and Environment, which is structured
in two lines of research: Transformation of landscape and space and sustainability..

The course proposal lies in the search for concrete ways of exercising interdisciplinarity in the treatment of ecological, social and cultural processes that occur in space. Therefore, the program admits candidates with degrees
in human, social and biological sciences. The convergence of the focuses of his two lines of research is due to the appreciation of the cultural and social dimension of ecological processes in the line “Transformation of the
Landscape” and in the search for the dimension of the natural environment in social relations related to
sustainability issues in the line “Space and Sustainability”.

This program is offered at:

  1. English;
  2. Portuguese;
  2. And spanhol.


  1. Generate new knowledge and train human resources focused on environmental research, through the bias of Geography;
  2. Promote a more integrative and complex view of society-nature relations;
  3. Encourage cooperation between researchers (teachers and students) of the lines of research, in an interdisciplinary integration (not restricted to each line), which allows the student a more comprehensive view of the environmental problem.

Registration requirements:

I – Application for admission

II – High School Diploma or General Education Development (GED)

III – Postgraduate courses, higher education diplomas