Course Master Degree in Coaching


This faith based program with emphasis in Health Care Services offers a combination of intelligent critical thinking with real-world practice, this program takes a fresh approach to the traditional MBA curriculum to keep pace with today’s fast-changing world. In each course students are pushed to excel and gain the skills necessary to enhance their current career or begin a new one in the 21st Century.

This Program is Offered in:

  • Portuguese
  • Spanish


The student completing the Master Degree in Coaching will:

  • Be able to demonstrate abilities to organize and prioritize learning skills in the workforce;
  • Be a coaching professional able to lead the workforce team in effective decision-making;
  • Be able to implement coaching strategies in which leadership can identify different points of view and understand the unique perspectives of each one.

Requisitos de Inscripción:

  • 126 semester credit hour Bachelor of Arts in Coaching;
  • One of the following:
    • Coaching certification by Florida Christian University (FCU) & American Coaching & Mentoring Association (ACMA)
    • Coaching certification by Federação Brasileira de Coaching Integral Sistêmico® (FEBRACIS)
    • Satisfactorily complete the following courses:
      • CH 2011 The Coaching Process
      • CH 1010 Introductory Coaching
      • CH 3013 SOAR Human Development Tools
      • CH 3018 Beliefs: Identification & Intervention
      • CH 4023 Neuro Linguistic Programming
      • CM 2108 Effective Communication

Academic Curriculum:

Total Credits : 60

This post is also available in: Portuguese (Brazil) Spanish