Administration of Organizations in NeuroMarketing


This program with an emphasis on NeuroMarketing offers a combination of smart critical thinking with real-world practice, this program takes a new approach to the traditional MBA curriculum to keep up with today’s fast-changing world. With NeuroMarketing tools, you will learn how to design products to look, function and feel even before they are ready to hit the market, minimizing risks and maximizing all resources. In each course, students are encouraged to excel and acquire the skills necessary to enhance their current career or start a new one in the 21st century.

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The student who completes the Master of Business Administration in NeuroMarketing will:

I – Demonstrate organizational and prioritization skills;
II – Demonstrate delegation skills;
III – Effectively lead a team to reach a decision involving a business scenario;
IV – Identify points of view and understand the perspectives of the other people involved.

Registration requirements:

I – Application for admission

II – High School Diploma or General Education Development (GED)

III – Postgraduate courses, higher education diplomas