Public law emphasis on public management and leadership


The master’s course in Canon Law intends to assume the role of fostering an academic policy for the training of teachers and researchers to meet the demand for quality personnel in teaching and scientific production, in view of the growing number of undergraduate courses in Law. The Program was designed, among other reasons, to meet a set of training and qualification demands for research in the legal area, taking into account, mainly, the lack of this course.

It is important to highlight that, due to its area of ??concentration, the course is open to graduates and professionals from related fields, especially in the social and human sciences. The course’s proposal is to expand the discussion on Justice, Process and Human Rights, providing multidisciplinary research, meeting a growing demand in the area.

With the main role of producing high-level studies and research and with an eye on increasing internationalization, the Program hopes to receive candidates not only from the United States of America, but also from other countries seeking a seat in the Florida Assembly. of God University differentiated academic and professional study and qualification.

With the proposed differential of including the bias of justice and human rights in the approach of international law, constitutional and infra-constitutional law, the course aims to achieve a progressive academic maturation in teaching, research and extension that favors the training and qualification of its students. candidates.

This program is offered in



The chosen objectives will provide the advanced development of the student’s educational skills:

I – train teachers and doctors in education to act as teachers and researchers committed to the advancement of knowledge for the exercise of scientific research and other professionals; and

II – encourage the academic to formulate scientific production in the field of education through publications and other forms of socialization of knowledge.

Registration requirements:

I – Application for admission

II – High School Diploma or General Education Development (GED)

III – Postgraduate courses, higher education diplomas