The professional master’s degree is a Stricto Sensu Post-Graduation modality with the same value as the academic master’s degree, aimed at training professionals, in the various areas of knowledge, through the study of techniques, processes, or themes that meet the demand of the labor market. job

Bioengineering is increasingly important in the daily lives of all professionals working in the health area. It is an exciting and innovative area that combines the knowledge of the biological areas with the innovation of Exatas. The course is structured in a multidisciplinary way, being accessible to both exact and biological professionals.

Programs offered:

  • Master’s degree;
  • Doctorate;
  • Postdoctoral.

This program is offered at:

  • English;
  • Portuguese;
  • And spanhol


The chosen objectives will provide the advanced development of the student’s educational skills:
I – to train masters and doctors in education to act as teachers and researchers, comprome you of to the advancement of knowledge for the exercise of investition scienti is and others to you professional ities; and
II – es you formulate production scienti is in the field of education through publications and other forms of socialization of knowledge.


  • Build interfaces between formal and non-formal education, through the production of knowledge about educational processes, considering the movement of society and its contradictions;
  • Develop research focused on guaranteeing the Rights (Education, Health, Assistance, Work) of the population of children, adolescents and their families;
  • Conduct research on the implementation, implementation and evaluation of public policies aimed at children and adolescents;
  • Offer subsidies for the elaboration of public policies (innovative knowledge and practices), mainly those aimed at children and adolescents;
  • Produce knowledge regarding the training of educators in formal and non-formal education situations.

Registration Requirements:

  • Application for admission.
  • Choice of program to be carried out.
  • Curriculum.
  • Statement of the field of study and objectives to be achieved in the chosen field of research.
  • Qualification and admission exam.
  • Foreign language proficiency exam.


Disciplines Mandatory
• Biostatistics
• Fundamentals of Human Anatomy, Histology and Physiology
• Fundamentals of exact sciences in bioengineering
• Scientific and Technological Methodology

Topics in Bioethics Optional
• Biomarkers applied to bioengineering
• Information technology in bioengineering
• Physiology and immunology applied to physical activity
• Medical images
• Phototherapy techniques
• Photodynamic therapy
• Bioengineering topics
• Bioengineering seminars