Political philosophy


The challenge of the Philosophy Course will be to offer a quality education aimed at meeting the growing demands of students from a globalized world. The main objective of this course is to prepare students for the insertion of qualified professionals, with solid and consistent training in the labor market, acting in plural activities in their area of knowledge. In the faculty both educational and socio-cultural activities will be developed that will favor the ability of the professionals trained by it to act competently in the educational and social field.



Charge Time



On the one hand, this Course aims to develop methodologically the critical posture and the speculative procedure based on philosophical knowledge and, on the other, to provide, in terms of content, the fruitful formation regarding the historical process that allows the apprehension of the dimensions theoretical and practical analysis of the moral, ethical, aesthetic, political and gnosiological speculations and moral values of the authors consecrated by the tradition, the egress of this Course.

Program Content

  • Philosophy of Education
  • History of Ancient Philosophy I
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Logic I
  • Philosophical Text Study Methodology
  • History of Ancient Philosophy II
  • Logic II
  • Scientific methodology
  • Methodology of Studies of Philosophical Texts II
  • Sociology of Education
  • Ethics I
  • History of Medieval Philosophy I
  • Metaphysics I
  • Organization of Work in School and Curriculum (OTEC)
  • Psychology, Development and Learning
  • Teaching
  • Ethics II
  • History of Medieval Philosophy II
  • Metaphysics II
  • Methodology of Teaching Philosophy I
  • Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics
  • Social and Political Philosophy
  • History of Modern Philosophy I
  • Methodology of Teaching Philosophy II
  • Theory of Knowledge
  • Philosophical Anthropology
  • Philosophy of History
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • History of Modern Philosophy II
  • Theory of Knowledge II
  • Supervised Internship I
  • Philosophy of Science
  • History of Contemporary Philosophy I
  • History of Philosophy in Brazil
  • Supervised Internship II
  • Philosophy of Language
  • History of Contemporary Philosophy II
  • Supervised Internship III
  • Philosophy of the Mind
  • Pounds
  • TCC I
  • Anthropology
  • Youth and Adult Education (EJA)
  • Teaching in Human Rights
  • TCC II
  • Afro-Brazilian History and Culture
  • Instrumental English