Political Sociology


The bachelors degree in Sociology offers a solid general education in the field of Sociology and its areas, as well as related topics. In addition to classical aspects, contemporary themes are approached in order to train a current professional and with knowledge about traditional, innovative and practical aspects related to teaching and research as well as the possibilities of insertion in the social, ecclesiastical, state and business space.



Charge time



To train teachers to teach sociology, at different levels and modalities of Teaching, in ecclesiastical institutions and the like, from the theoretical deepening of the various currents of thought and of the topics addressed by sociological science always bearing in mind the new educational and social realities in which the country is inserted.

Target public

High school students and others interested in the area.

Program content

  • Anthropology: Contemporary Challenges
  • Action With The Elderly
  • Social Sciences
  • Communication And Expression
  • Sustainable Development
  • Specific Didactics – Sociology
  • Human Rights
  • Environmental Education
  • Foundations Of Economy For Social Sciences
  • History Of Anthropology
  • Personal Marketing
  • Methodology Of Social Science Teaching
  • Research Methods
  • Modern Political Thought
  • Brazilian Social Thinking
  • Public Education Planning And Policies
  • Teaching Practice: Observation And Project
  • Teaching Practice: Reflections
  • Teaching Practice: Living In The Educational Environment
  • Psychology Of Development And Learning
  • Ethnic-Racial Relations And Afrodescendence
  • Interdisciplinary Sociology
  • Rural And Urban Sociology
  • Emerging Subjects Of Sociology
  • Contemporary Political Theory
  • Topics Of Professional Activities – Sociology
  • Contemporary Historical Transformations