Course Bachelor Degree in Counseling


The bachelor’s degree in counseling is a faith-based Program designed to immerse the student in the development of human personalities and study current theories about group dynamics and how they apply to business, industry, and public and private life. With this program, you can prepare for nonclinical positions in the field. The bachelor’s degree in Counseling offers a broad formation in the field of Counseling combined with human development courses and is supported by the contents of other areas that allow the student to develop tactical abilities of interpersonal intervention. The diagnosing and/or treatment of physical problems will be referred to the appropriate medical practitioner.

This Program is Offered in:

  • Portuguese
  • English
  • Spanish


The student completing the Bachelor Degree in Counseling will:

  • Integrate Christian principles in critical thinking and decision making;
  • Identify effective interpersonal relationship skills; Summarize major counseling, developmental, and personality counseling theories;
  • Apply psychological theories to life situations;
  • Be able to correctly use composition skills, grammar, and punctuation;
  • Be able to integrate philosophical, literary and historical knowledge into a Biblical worldview.

Requisitos de Inscripción:

  • Application for admission
  • High School diploma or General Education Development (GED)

Academic Curriculum:

Total Credits : 126

This post is also available in: Portuguese (Brazil) Spanish